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Protel Antennas who we are
PROTEL since 1988 gives voice to your ideas

35 years together

I am pleased to welcome you to the Protel products’ world and celebrate with you all a very important achievement for us, 35 years of business.
It was back in 1988 when our adventure began, and now, looking back after 35 years, we can recognize with great pride that we have done a good job.
Sturdy enthusiasm and tenacity allowed us to design, produce and improve antennas and communication systems that are widely appreciated all over the world and allow hundreds of thousands of people to communicate every day in any environment and climate.
This is for us the best presentation, a reason for professional gratification for every employee working in our company. During the last 35 years, our great passion, commitment and ideas always made us reach all the goals, creating long last relationships with highly satisfied customers.
This commitment to our customers’ satisfaction allowed us to grow together and achieve ambitious and important results, even more. I cannot hide the fact that every now and then, looking back to all these years and thinking about all the adventures, the projects, the studies and the tests done; there is a slight sense of nostalgia for the time gone by. However, this feeling is immediately mitigated by the sense of achievement and gratification, besides the constant ambitious goals that every day anyone working in our company sets.
Our company philosophy is to constantly seek excellence in everything we design and create, in order to offer our customers premium products that meet the needs of the market and the demand. We have never ignored or underestimated any specific request.
Our catalog now sees more than 200 products, and it has been created over the years following the close collaboration with our customers and stakeholders. Protel can also count dozens of projects studied, designed and produced, but never been made public. I am very happy to have achieved this important goal with you all.
If you are not one of our customers yet, I am sure that you will become one in the near  future, if you are true enthusiast, a designer or demanding user, sooner or later you will come across to one our antennas and you will definitely appreciate the results.
Let me invite you to the next challenge and I can personally assure you that our commitment will always be at the highest  level  in order to make products even more reliable and competitive, and to meet and exceed your requirements.

Roberto Anzelmo
(Founder & CEO)

1988 - PROTEL was born in Milan in 1988. Its mission was to give a full service: Projecting Antennas, Systems, Filters, Combiners and Radiomonitoring.  In a very short period becomes a reference in the field.  

The found  ROBERTO ANZELMO ( at 2012 more then 300 singole antenna projects  and  1000 antenna system projects ) is a very well known person of the Italian market .

PROTEL in short becomes suppliers of networks and local stations. The participation to IBTS allows Protel to promote its trademark internationally.

The brand PROTEL is easily found on the most sold magazines of the field. 1991 Projects and carries out, in the center of Milan, on a building 96 meters high, an FM multichannel system capable to broadcast 400 KW ERP over 360°.  

- Wins the tender to supply antennas to the Italian Public Security Forces and enter in the Suppliers  of  ITALTEL  the most important Italian telecommunication public company. Supplies antennas to the Italian Army and the Italians Peace keeping Forces in Somalia.  

- Among the most important plans achieved for professional prestige in the year there is the project and the installation of a huge logarithmic antenna from 5 to 30 MHz for a military station.  

- Protel is more and more present on the national territory with its antennas and with 900 MHz mobile phones repeaters.  

- Is an important year in PROTEL’s growth with the birth of PROTELCOM, a related company that reaches important commercial agreements with foreign companies becoming in Italy a very important trade&tech pole for new technologies: DAB, DVB, DVB-T, GSM, DCS. After the beginning of the year the two companies move to the new offices in Cusago.  

- At the beginning of the year it is won a tender for a very important supply to the Italian Ministry of Poste and Telecommunication for systems for the mapping and the quality of the broadcasting radio stations.  

- An important step to increase production is done purchasing a company with automatic equipment with numeric control for the production of mechanical parts. It’s a strategic decision necessary to face the requests of a very demanding market that requires from companies competitive and high professional products. The general catalogues is enriched of optional parts and devices for telecommunication that makes the quotation choices much more rich.  

- An important supply was done to NATO: the new,  logarithmic rotative antenna ARL530 used for international links.  

- The first and unique national monitoring project started with PROTELCOM, BT- Monitoring and Audemat-Aztec was established with the positioning over the Italian soil of hundreds of stations for the monitoring 24h per day of all the emissions parameters of transmitting transmitters of radio and TV stations. The project is the first in the world in its kind and sees PROTEL once again in pole position to assure a product that lasts in time. This is an important year for another aim too, antennas and equipment are supplied to the Italian Navy. PROTEL’s antennas are more and more installed on railways for the increase of the GSM-R network.

- Great success of the national BT- Monitoring system that sees all the Italian national networks using the remote radio monitoring system. PROTEL once again shows that its antennas, with more than 300 installations on Telecom Italia sites are trustable and last in time.  
PROTEL antennas are used by all the mobile operators and by the main telecommunication firms.  

2009 - Another important result : more than 200.000 pages seen on the web site. .
2011 - PROTEL patent is pending over its new 4G high gain line of four band Yagi antennas.

2012 - PROTEL complete range of products, from antennas for special applications like tunnels to  BTS pannels
PROTEL also, from 1998, the Italian partner of the French brand Selecom   , have a new range of equipment for the mobile phone covertures, particularly for the high speed trains, with the new patent “ Long Cell “ repeater that allows a perfect radio covertures at a very convenient price, erasing every mistake in the phone conversation

PROTEL concludes the project and begins production of the antenna system of the newest innovative Transportable  Radar of Finmeccanica group.


2013 - PROTEL Protel is also consolidated in the design and supply of indoor radio telephone coverage, even for large real estate structures, such as shopping centers, hotels and offices.

2016 - PROTEL The supply of hundreds of high-gain antennas for the subway of an important European capital begins.

2019 - PROTEL The quality of Protel antennas continues to be rewarded by many telephone operators around the world who choose our antennas for telephone coverage in tunnels. Protel was also the first Italian company to supply antennas in the fire retardant version. Reliability over time and optimal operation are the primary objectives that each of our antennas must have. These results are always obtained through the constant use of top quality materials.

2021 - PROTEL Presence of PROTEL antennas throughout the world direct sales.
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